Celebration of Vietnamese Teacher’s Day at HATO Training Center

  The celebration of Vietnamese Teacher’s Day at HATO Training Center took place in a solemn, warm, and meaningful atmosphere on this special day. It was an important occasion to honor the tireless dedication and contributions of our teachers, the ones shaping the future for the learners at the center.

  The ceremony commenced with the solemn national anthem followed by cultural performances that were dignified and joyful, expressing deep gratitude to the teachers who impart knowledge and guidance to the learners.
  Moreover, there were presentations in both Japanese and English by students from various classes, showcasing the efforts and high proficiency levels instilled by the instructors at HATO.
The persuasive English presentation delivered by the student from the Australia Study Abroad class was impressive.

  Following that, there were numerous meticulously prepared and meaningful cultural performances from various classes participating in the contest.


  Furthermore, the teachers also presented an enthusiastic and captivating dance performance that engaged the audience.
    The company’s recruitment and foreign affairs departments presented vibrant floral bouquets, symbolizing respect and gratitude for the teachers’ dedication. Each bouquet carried heartfelt congratulations, demonstrating boundless appreciation for their immense contributions to the center’s educational development.

This event wasn’t just a commemorative ceremony; it was an opportunity for the entire staff, teachers, and students to create a space filled with gratitude and emotion. Everyone shared joy and the significance of this day, extending their best wishes to the teachers and promising continued support and companionship in everyone’s journey.

The ceremony concluded in a solemn yet warm atmosphere, but the spirit of gratitude and respect for the educators continues to shine in every corner of HATO Training Center.

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