HATO Leadership Visits RGIT Campus in Melbourne, Australia.

The CEO of the company visited several classes at RGIT.
Welcome the presence of the board of directors of the Labor Export and Study Abroad Company, HATO, at RGIT Institute—an engaging and meaningful event. This visit marked a significant milestone in promoting collaboration between the two organizations, offering great opportunities for Vietnamese students to access and select excellent Australian schools in the near future.

Early in the morning, RGIT became the focal point of this important event. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and dynamism as the HATO leadership team went through the welcoming reception. Representatives from both sides engaged in discussions, sharing new directions for the future.

Throughout the tour, the HATO leadership had the chance to explore RGIT’s modern facilities. They were briefed on vocational training projects and the institution’s future outlook for students. Particularly, the exchange of ideas and practical experiences helped both parties gain a clearer understanding of challenges and opportunities in vocational training and the future landscape of studying in Australia.

The networking management lab, IT industry… is fully equipped with state-of-the-art specialized computer systems and devices.
The programming industry remains a strong and steady trend for future development.
The CEO visited the practical class for the hospitality industry at the institute.
Also an important service industry, RGIT always focuses on practical aspects in the field of restaurant beverage preparation.
At the restaurant beverage preparation workshop of the institute, students will practice and train closely to reality with the most modern beverage-making machines, guided by experienced teachers.
The artwork of a Vietnamese international student at the academy dedicated to the CEO on the meeting day.
The teaching equipment system and schedule at the academy are always comprehensive and modern.
The instructional signs in RGIT’s classrooms.

The vibrant discussions contributed to sharing knowledge and experiences, fostering a strong connection between HATO and RGIT.

This visit wasn’t just an isolated event; it marked the beginning of a long-term collaboration between HATO and RGIT. Joint projects, student exchanges, and collaborative research initiatives promise to unlock numerous new opportunities in the future, contributing significantly to the sustainable development of the field of Australian education in the years ahead.

Here are some images from RGIT and the famous streets of Melbourne, Australia, captured during the visit by HATO’s CEO.

Two campuses of the institute are located here.
Melbourne at night is truly amazing.
The modern streets blended with a touch of antiquity.
This event has demonstrated a broader vision of collaboration and sharing, contributing to elevating the field of Australian education to new heights, and will surely be remembered in the history of both HATO and RGIT.

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