The leaders of HATO Company visited 3 campuses of Milcom School to explore vocational study opportunities and nursing visa options in Australia.

In an effort to create study opportunities and explore international career prospects, the leadership of HATO Company visited 3 campuses of Milcom School, a reputable educational institution offering diverse programs in various fields such as nursing, culinary arts, automotive repair, and business.

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The company’s leadership is present at Milcom School.

Milcom School has established a solid reputation in training experts in nursing, culinary arts, automotive repair, and business. The courses at the school not only focus on theory but also emphasize practical application, providing students with opportunities to access real-world knowledge and necessary skills for their future careers.

The meeting and exchange between the company’s leadership and the principal of Milcom School.

During the discussion between HATO Company’s leadership and the representatives of Milcom School, the school made a special recommendation for international students from Vietnam to take a language course before joining the specialized program. This will help students become familiar with the new learning environment, improve English communication skills, and better prepare for the specialized courses. Particularly, the school strongly suggested that students enroll early for the nursing course, an area where the Australian government faces severe workforce shortages. Early enrollment in this program will also facilitate the nursing visa application and provide opportunities for work in Australia after graduation.

Here are images of the practical nursing training class at Milcom School.


The nursing practice room equipped with the most modern facilities.

The research laboratory equipped with specialized equipment.

The culinary practice room is equipped with all the necessary and state-of-the-art equipment.

The culinary practice kitchen.

Here are some images of the restaurant practice room at the school.




You couldn’t ask for a better-equipped, clean, and beautiful practice room. It helps students gain the most practical experience.

Additionally, in-depth theoretical classes are equally indispensable.

A specialized lecture room for in-depth theoretical studies.

One notable point is that students are not bound by their initially registered courses. If they have a need or find new opportunities, they can change their courses flexibly. This also reflects the Australian government’s openness and support in providing visas for skilled individuals in sectors facing labor shortages, such as nursing.

Amidst the nursing workforce shortage in Australia, studying and working here not only offer appealing career prospects but also serve as a crucial step in meeting the healthcare needs of the community. Therefore, the visit to the 3 campuses of Milcom School has opened new doors for international students, facilitating favorable conditions for studying and career development in Australia.


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