The cooperation signing ceremony between HATO and RGIT.

The cooperation signing ceremony between HATO Investment and Service Company Limited and Royal Greenhill Institute of Technology (RGIT).

On the afternoon of August 2nd, the ceremony for the strategic cooperation signing between HATO Investment and Service Company Limited and Royal Greenhill Institute of Technology (RGIT) in the field of vocational education in Australia took place at the HATO Training Center, located at Farmer’s College, Chi Dong, Me Linh, Hanoi.

We anticipate that this meaningful collaboration will provide more opportunities for Vietnamese students to have a wider range of choices in education, research, access to advanced professions, new knowledge, and the opportunity to live and settle in Australia.

The representative from the partner’s side is the principal of the institute entering the auditorium.
The enthusiastic welcome of the students and their families present here.
              The official signing ceremony program is commencing.
The speech delivered by Mr. Nguyen Van Dong, the CEO of HATO Company, at the ceremony.
Mr. Nguyen Van Động, the CEO of HATO Company, delivered a speech expressing immense joy and gratitude towards today’s signing ceremony. He outlined strategic directions in partnership with RGIT, specifically focusing on the educational environment and work prospects in Australia in the future.
  Unfortunately, I don’t have access to specific speeches or statements made by individuals. However, a speech by Mr. Chandra Yonzon, the Director of the Royal Greenhill Institute of Technology (RGIT), might emphasize a clear direction and express the desire for long-term cooperation between HATO Company and RGIT in the future. The speech likely highlights the vision for collaboration, mutual growth, and sustained partnership between the two entities.
Mr. Nguyen Anh Vũ, the Marketing Specialist, might have introduced the institute’s scale, the curriculum, and the necessary requirements for enrollment in Australia in 2023. His presentation likely covered details about the institute’s size, available programs, the application process, prerequisites for admission, and any essential criteria for students aiming to enroll in Australian programs in 2023.
The most significant moment during the cooperation signing ceremony took place in the presence of all students, esteemed parents, and company staff.
   – After the signing ceremony, the students along with their esteemed parents joyfully received the scholarships generously granted by HATO Company and RGIT Institute.
The scholarship award ceremony for the students enrolled in the Australian vocational study program at this Institute.
 – Right after the completion of the official signing of the cooperation documents, a discussion session was held to explain, guide, and address all concerns of the parents and students. This took place in an enthusiastic and open atmosphere.
The discussion session between HATO Company, RGIT Institute, and the esteemed parents.
 At the end of the program, there were performances by the students currently studying at HATO Company, showcasing their artistic talents.
The entertainment segments that followed the program.
aking group photos as souvenirs with the school.

Through the collaborative activities of this program, we believe we can contribute to the overall development of our country, connecting Vietnamese youth to a nation with diverse cultural backgrounds, thereby building a stronger, more successful future.

The participation of not only the representatives from both partners, HATO and RGIT, but also the presence of the students and their families who have chosen HATO and RGIT for their education and future work, has made this ceremony even more meaningful. Families showed a keen interest in the school and life in Australia, asking direct questions to the representatives of both entities. With the comprehensive guidance and explanations provided by the school and the company representatives, parents expressed their trust and placed great hope in their children’s future in Australia.

The signing ceremony concluded beautifully and successfully. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our partner RGIT for visiting Vietnam and conducting this significant signing ceremony. Our sincere appreciation also goes to the parents, students, and everyone who has put their trust in HATO Company.

Once again, thank you all very much!

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