Special Symposium: HATO and RGIT Connecting for the Future of Studying in Australia

  In an increasingly volatile and complex international landscape, studying abroad has become a significant goal for many students worldwide. Australia stands out as one of the leading countries in education, capturing the attention of numerous individuals. The educational and developmental opportunities in Australia have garnered interest from various universities and educational institutions. In this article, we will discuss the special symposium between HATO Company and RGIT Institute on the topic of studying in Australia in the coming years.

HATO Investment and Service Limited Liability Company is an education consultancy based in Hanoi, Vietnam. On October 10, 2023, HATO organized this important symposium to introduce study opportunities in Australia and present the attractive training programs they have developed in collaboration with RGIT Institute.

RGIT Institute has built a strong reputation for education quality in Australia and globally. In this symposium, RGIT representatives introduced their diverse and high-quality fields of study. They’ve developed a variety of programs in engineering, management, healthcare, and information technology, catering to international students’ needs and fostering their growth in modern learning and work environments.

During the symposium, the institute’s director emphasized the significance of studying in Australia, highlighting its diverse learning environment and advanced teaching methodologies. Australia is also known for its safe and friendly lifestyle, as well as post-graduation employment opportunities, paving the way for a bright future for students.

Certainly, HATO Company placed special emphasis on supporting students throughout the visa application process and providing post-arrival assistance in Australia to ensure a truly successful and fulfilling study experience. HATO’s consultants addressed students’ inquiries regarding study procedures, visas, and life in Australia.

The symposium between HATO and RGIT not only introduced study programs and opportunities in Australia but also highlighted the importance of collaboration between educational institutions and consultancy firms. The partnership between HATO and RGIT promises to open doors for thousands of international students to pursue their dream of studying in Australia.

Looking ahead, it’s anticipated that the study opportunities in Australia will continue to attract more students worldwide. Closer collaboration between educational institutions and consultancy firms will create better prospects for students on their educational and personal development journey. The symposium between HATO and RGIT is a positive example of how parties can collaborate to promote the future development of studying in Australia.

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